The estate tax may come to an end but the trust will most likely still be your best option.

The estate tax may be eliminated if President-elect Donald Trump fulfills his campaign pledge but it shouldn’t be assumed that the trust will be a thing of the past, according to Trust Advisor in “Even Without Estate Tax The Right Answer Is Still the Same: Put it All In Trust.

While there are many reasons why a trust will continue to be the best option even if the estate tax is eliminated, there are two reasons that stand out above the others. First, a trust protects against any disabilities that a beneficiary might have. You would not leave a lot of money to someone with special needs or a minor without making sure that someone else could oversee the money.

What people do not consider is that someone who is healthy now could become significantly disabled in the future. A trust helps prepare for that contingency. The other reason is that trusts can protect against future claims to the assets, such as from creditors or ex-spouses.

An estate planning attorney can guide you in the use of a trust that fits your circumstances.

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