The cost of high-quality health care can be astronomical, and that includes the cost of senior living care. In a marked shift from generations past, a growing number of Americans are electing to provide for their aging, ailing parents at home instead of placing them in assisted living facilities in an effort to save time and money. However, even though home care might seem a preferable alternative to a conventional nursing home, prospective caregivers should still evaluate their long-term costs before making any big decisions. The cost of providing in-home care

The Cost of Home Care for a Loved One in CA 

Taking care of a loved one often requires a great deal of time and energy. If your parent, sibling, or other relative cannot live independently and you move them in with you, you may need to assist them with bathing, dressing, shopping, eating, and walking. And while providing these services might seem cost-effective, there are out-of-pocket expenses that are usually a surprise for family caregivers and more than expected. A caregiver spends approximately $7,000 a year on expenses related to the needs of their family member.

Possible Out-of-Pocket Costs

  • Food
  • Gas and travel expenses to and from doctor appointments
  • Medications
  • Assistive devices
  • Clothing and personal care items
  • Higher utility bills
  • Home modifications

Additionally, these already-substantive obligations could balloon if a loved one requires specialized care or an in-home, professionally trained aid, or you need respite care.

Your Options for Affording Care

If you know ahead of time that you’re going to care for a loved one in your home, you may have some financial options. California administers federally funded Medicare and Medicaid programs, both of which provide financial assistance to caregivers.

However, understanding the specifics of Medicare and Medicaid can be challenging, especially for adults with full-time jobs and other obligations.

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