While the U.S. debates the rights of terminally ill patients to end their life, The Netherlands allows elderly couples to die together.

Some states in the U.S. now allow patients to arrange for a doctor to prescribe a lethal dose of medication, which the patient then takes when he or she wishes to do so.

In a few countries, the laws go even further including The Netherlands, according to the Washington Post in “Elderly couple got ‘deepest wish’ — to die together — in rare euthanasia case.”

Nic and Trees Elderhorst were both 91 years old and had been married for 61 years. He suffered from a stroke and she was diagnosed with dementia.

Their wish was to die at the same time, so they applied to be euthanized together. Their wish was granted and after sharing a final kiss, they were killed by doctors on July 4, 2017.

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