The advice includes:

  • Account Beneficiaries – Make sure you have designated beneficiaries on any financial accounts you have, such as retirement accounts and bank accounts.
  • Avoid Probate – Have an estate planning attorney create a probate avoidance scheme for you, such as a trust. It does not matter if you do not have much to put in the trust right now. As you acquire more assets you can put them in the already created trust. By putting beneficiaries on your accounts, you are also keeping that money out of probate.
  • Basic Will – Get a simple will to cover any property you do have but cannot put in trust or for which you cannot designate a beneficiary.
  • Student Loans – If someone has cosigned your student loans and you still owe on them, you can get life insurance that covers the debt so the cosigner does not have to pay it if something happens to you.

An estate planning attorney can guide you in any needs you might have in planning for the future.

Philip J. Kavesh
Nationally recognized attorney helping clients with customized estate planning guidance for over 40 years.
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