• Be Safe – Always top priority.
    • Is the community licensed to provide health services?
    • Is a licensed nurse on-site 24/7?
    • Does staff receive on-going training?
    • Is there a written care plan for each resident?
  • Think Ahead – The community should still be a good fit if needs change.
    • Pay attention to ease of navigation and safety measures.
    • Ask about care programs, even if you don’t need them now.
    • Are pharmacy services available?
  • Be Comfortable – The community should be clean and inviting. Is the staff friendly? Do residents appear happy and engaged?
  • Be Active – Ask to see the daily calendar.
    • Is there plenty to do?
    • Is transportation available?
    • Are there salon services?
  • Exercise Options – Look for a managed fitness center.
    • Are there multiple exercise classes?
    • Is therapy available?
  • Eat Well, Live Well – Stop by for a meal.
    • Are there a variety of appetizing and nutritious options?
    • Are special diets accommodated?
    • Look for heart-healthy choices as well as those rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Understand Contracts and Costs – Review the payment structure carefully. Is it a monthly fee, or a buy-in? What are termination and refund policies? How are care charges structured?
  • Don’t Forget Memory Care – Ask about dedicated activities for every day enrichment, plus specialized programs for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. Are there specific goals to help maintain cognitive function?

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