A lack of retirement planning can pass on responsibility to your children.

Most of those people who are not saving might think it will only be a problem for them as they might have to work longer than they expected, but that is not the case as Motley Fool explains in “If You Don’t Save for Retirement, Your Kids Might Suffer.”

The people who often end up being hurt by those who do not save for retirement are their children as those children end up supporting their elderly parents. This can be a huge burden for the children because those who support their parents often have debts of their own they have not paid off. It makes it less likely those children will be able to save for their own retirements, which will have later repercussions for their children.

Another way your children can be harmed by you not saving money for retirement is they will not receive an inheritance from you. Inheriting from parents can be a beneficial way for adult children to pay off their debts and save for themselves. Even a small inheritance is helpful.

An estate planning attorney can guide you in planning for the future.

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