As a client of our firm, you received a DocuBank Emergency Card when you completed or upgraded your estate plan.  We gave you this card to protect you.  With it, your doctors can get immediate access to your important “Advanced Health Care Directive” and “HIPAA Authorization”, and enable your appointed health decision maker to step in immediately and handle critical decisions when you no longer can.

DocuBank has added a new feature to the Card that we want to bring to your attention.

This feature, called MY MEDICAL SNAPSHOT, lets you share your complete medical story with ERs, hospitals and doctors when they ask for it (and they will).  The critical medical information you can share includes your Surgeries & Hospitalizations, Medical Conditions and History, Allergies, Family History and full list of your Specialists, in addition to the Medication List that has already been available.

It seems clear that the more medical information doctors have about us, the better the care we have an opportunity to receive.  This My MEDICAL SNAPSHOT tool may be especially helpful for those of us (and our family members!) who find it challenging to remember our entire medical story.

My MEDICAL SNAPSHOT is available to DocuBank cardholders who have a “COMPLETE” level membership.  If you’re still in you initial membership term through our firm, you have a COMPLETE membership.  If you renewed your membership at DocuBank’s “BASIC” level (as opposed to your “COMPLETE”) and would like to use My Medical SNAPSHOT, you can contact DocuBank about upgrading your membership for free until October 1, 2018 at [email protected].

If you have questions about this new benefit, please contact DocuBank directly toll-free at 1-866-362-8226. They have real people available to answer your questions from 6 am to 2 pm Pacific time.  Be sure to say you were referred by Kavesh, Minor & Otis.

(Note:  If you are a client of ours and don’t have this Emergency Card, or may have let it lapse, or are unsure about either, the person you speak with at DocuBank can help you). Give them a call right away!