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How to Be a Great Virtual Grandparent

7 ways to strengthen the grandparent-grandchild bond while sheltering in place

Nothing is “normal” these days. While we don’t yet know how bad COVID-19 will ultimately be, we do know that people over 60 are at particular risk for complications, should they become ill. That has many grandparents sheltering in place and unable to be physically with their grandchildren.

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When It Comes To Dividing Your Estate Between Your Children (or Other Beneficiaries), What’s Really “Fair”?

By Philip Kavesh, Attorney"That's not fair!" What parent of youngsters hasn't heard that countless times? It's a complaint that doesn't necessarily vanish when children are adults. In fact, depending on how they feel they've been treated in your estate plan, your kids...

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Child Off to College Soon? Is He or She Properly Protected In Case of Accident or Illness?

If you have a child (or grandchild) over age 18 and heading to college, read on...Health Insurance Coverage Alone Isn't Enough!Your child may be covered by your (or a parent's) medical or health insurance plan, but that young adult also needs some basic estate...

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Are You Overpaying For Prescription Drugs? By Philip Kavesh

Whether you (or your parents) are a senior citizen, and even if you (or your parents) already have insurance coverage for prescription drugs, you'll want to read on. Mom's StoryI'll begin with a short but poignant story.  Recently, I took over all my Mom's...

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